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Yoann Bourgeois at Château de Plaisance (Full show at the end of the article)

The incredible artist Yoann Bourgeois came put his trampoline in the middle of our vines to perform "the fugue" in the company of the harpist Laure Brisa.


October 29, 2020. Announcement of the second confinement.

It was also to be the official release of this first vintage, which was supposed to be a moment of sharing, exchange with friends, parents, partners, sommeliers, wine merchants ...

The doors of the estate will remain closed, exchanges limited, and the shows will be canceled one after the other. Questions set in, so does the feeling of loneliness, one that only art can fill.

The art of Yoann Bourgois has always transported me.

He plays with emptiness, the laws of gravity and weightlessness to achieve a state of abandonment between balance and imbalance.

The parallel between his art and that of making wine is obvious. As on a stage, the efforts produced must not be visible, there remains elegance and complexity, fluidity of movement. Everything should seem easy. The quest for balance.

I contacted him naively, without expecting any feedback, with a video of the sunset in the vines and my invitation to come and play here.

Improbably, he responded immediately with childish enthusiasm. Since then, there is no longer any loneliness, but a feeling of invincibility. Because anything is possible. ANYTHING.


It is a strong and unique moment that Yoann Bourgeois offered us this Saturday, May 29th. Under a radiant sun, we opened the doors for the first time since taking over the domain. We had put the small dishes in the big ones to pamper our 180 guests. What an emotion, the wind in the strings of the harp of Laure Brisa, Yoann who soars in all lightness, ease, and this harmony between the two in the middle of the vines. This short moment was delicious, I believe that many of us let go as the emotion was strong. Watching this dematerialized memory is not worth the experience but allows us to keep some of the energy that this crazy day gave us.


Yoann Bourgeois, recognized nationally and internationally, has created for the past ten years shows combining several circus disciplines (juggling and trampoline) and several related arts (dance, music, video). Appointed in 2016 to the co-direction of the Center chorégraphique national de Grenoble (CCN2) - this 39-year-old circus artist, acrobat, director and choreographer, also puts his stamp on the clips of celebrities such as Yael Naim and Vincent Delerm, or the rapper American Missy Elliott ..



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