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Anjou - Loire Valley


100% dry chenin on shale

A winter chenin full of "gourmandise" .

100% dry chenin, Image of the 2020

vintage.Concentrated, lively and all in balance.

Food and wine pairing: To open alone or with a lot of friends ;-) and otherwise with a home made hummus, an  arugula salad with sundried tomatoes, linguine with artichokes ...

Serving temperature: between 8 and 10 °

Cellaring time: 8-10 years.

More seriously ...

Manual harvest in crates

Slow cold pressing.

Native yeast.

Partial malolactic fermentation. 11 months of aging in stainless steel vats.

L'Anjou Blanc.jpg

L'Anjou Blanc


Shale soils. Age of vines: less than 20 years

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