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Anjou - Loire Valley


100% dry chenin on shale

Fleshy wine with intense saline finishes. 

Beautiful terroirs of Anjou, Bonnezaux and Thouarcé in organic farming

Food and wine pairings: To be enjoyed alone or with many friends ;-) and otherwise with a Chavignol crottin, an arugula salad with dried tomatoes, linguine with artichokes...

Operating temperature: between 8 and 10°

Guard time: Enjoy now.

And concretely...

Manual harvest in boxes. 

Slow cold pressing.

Native yeasts. 

Malolactic fermentation
9 months of aging in stainless steel vats.

Cht Plaisance - Chenin Blanc_ombre.jpg

Artist and graphic designer, Denis Boudart mixes collages, paintings and photos. He mixes all his creative universes without setting limits and affirmsoriginality, unconstrained creativity. The label of the Anjou Blanc vintage is an original work.


L'Anjou Blanc


Shale soils. Age of vines: 35-50 years

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