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Chaume - Les Zerzilles

Les Zerzilles
Coteaux du Layon - 1er Cru Chaume


Once the grapes are hand-picked and carefully sorted, the whole winemaking is processed in barrels.

Wine tasting

Sensory characteristics

A nice yellow tinge with golden highlights, deep intensity with a nose of mango, pineapple and vanilla.

Serving temperature

To be served between 8° and 10° in a carafe if you want to release all its character.

Aging potential

To be tasted when young within the first 3 years or after 10 years, 20 years or even longer…

Our wines are very lightly or not filtered at all, which means there can be some sediment that can’t be blamed for.

Geographical location

Right bank of the Layon in the heart of the Chaume vineyard

Grape varieties



Schist, silica even partially clayish


about 8 à 10 hl/ha

Food-wine pairing

Like the Quarts-de-Chaume, the Zerzilles is very powerful and is self-sufficient but it can also be served for the aperitif with some foie gras, blue-veined cheeses or pan-fried pineapple.


Magnificent first experience in the Chaume Country!

Anne V.

We’ve been coming for years now to get our stock of Chaume!

We like it, we love it. The wine but also men and women who make it: all is good. Wine tasting, welcoming, friendship that we all share together.

Long life to the wine and to all of us!

Ernest G.


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