Natural pleasure

The Château de Plaisance, in the heart of the Loire Valley, shares their artistic spirit with the strength of a great personality! He is a welcoming and cheerful fellow and you will be amazed by his enthusiasm, his passion and even more by his wines! It is most natural for Patricia and Guy Rochais to grow their vines and make their organic, biodynamic wines with great care. Their art of living as much as their Anjou white or red wines will set your fiery, Rabelaisian character ablaze…

Main appellation: Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru CHAUME

Vineyard surface:

Total surface 28 ha

Red wine surface 5 ha

White wine surface 23 ha

Type of grape harvesting: 100 % hand-picked

List of varieties with their respective surface:

Cabernet franc 1 ha

Cabernet sauvignon 4 ha

Chenin 23 ha

Average age of the vines: 28 years old

Production: 70 000 bottles/year

As for now, welcome to the Château de Plaisance!

Today, thanks to their long-lasting, family-owned winegrowing tradition, the Château de Plaisance is committed to provide you with some of the Loire Valley greatest wines ranging from the Savennières to the Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru as well as delightful liquorous, dry or sweet Chaume wines:

  • by drawing inspiration from their own resources: their history and strong personality
  • by growing the vine and making wine in a natural way (100% biodynamics)
  • by arousing your senses to the art of living in Anjou

The doors and cellar of the Château de Plaisance are wide open. Give in to the temptation of visiting us...

In the Château de Plaisance, we make our wines according to the principles of biodynamics: we do not add any other products such as sugar, yeasts, acidification, deacidification or oak shavings... no artificial coloring either…

That is to say, nothing at all! The wine is coming from grape juice only. That means it is essential to have a first-quality raw material when transferred to the winery. To fully enjoy wine tasting, the equation is simple:

Grape juice = wine!

Thus, considering the objective, the undeniable expertise of the Château de Plaisance is based on the combination of absolute professionalism with a specific care in growing the vines throughout the year. Then, the grapes are pressed and conveyed to the tanks or vats for a slow fermentation. They remain here for a while depending on the type of vintage and we follow their development for a period going from 3 months to 2 years.

Sometimes, in order to remove suspended matters for a natural fining process, some racking is achieved yet respecting the cycle of the moon, that is to say respecting the fruit days. The same process is respected for the final step: bottling.

To guarantee a natural wine, doses of SO2 are the lowest possible. Even in small quantity, it enables the Château de Plaisance wines to be preserved and keep their full pleasant flavors.

Château de Plaisance

The pleasure of natural wine

Open the doors of the Château de Plaisance, our organic winegrowing estate in the heart of the Loire Valley and discover our cellar with a lovely selection of organic wines ready for sale. Our art of living is focused on natural vine and winegrowing (biodynamics) and our commitment is to provide you with the best wines from the Loire Valley, ranging from the Savennières to the Quart de Chaume together with excellent red and rosé wines, liquorous or dry white wines.