Natural winegrowing

The vineyard

Right in the heart of the Loire Valley, a unique shelter for a great wine.

When he set up his business in 1980, Guy Rochais was cultivating 6 hectares. Today, he is cultivating 28 hectares. The estate spreads out over the villages of Saint-Aubin de Luigné, Savennieres and the Chaume hill of Rochefort-Sur-Loire.

The Château de Plaisance is surrounded by 65% of its vines (20 ha). The remaining 35% spread over a radius of 15 kilometers.

Grape growing

In the Château de Plaisance, we respect natural growing methods as quality is our main concern. What is our credo? Organic growing is all.


For the Château de Plaisance, the nearby vineyard is the best guarantee for quality.

Indeed, as soon as the harvest is completed, the grapes are conveyed to the winery and immediately processed. No risk to have them damaged along their way up to the winery under the sun. As a matter of fact, the sooner the grapes are processed, the lowest is the risk of oxidation.


Throughout the grape harvesting, our skillful staff works only with small boxes of 15 kilos, which prevents the grapes to be damaged or crushed.

Biodynamic farming (100% of the production)

Biodynamic farming is not just a methodology it is also an art of living. It is used only by a very small amount of farmers (in France, they were only 6% in 2003).

One of the basic principles of biodynamic farming is self-sufficient management. Another characteristic is that grape growing must be in total harmony with nature. The soil is specifically cultivated depending on the seasons and the use of any other additional substances is reduced to the minimum.


In the Château de Plaisance, winemaking is based on the principle of biodynamics: no adding whatsoever, that is no sugar, no yeasts, no acidification nor deacidification, no oak shavings... no artificial coloring either... that is to say nothing at all! The wine comes only from grape juice. That means it is essential to have a first-quality raw material when transferred to the winery. To fully enjoy wine tasting, the equation is simple:


Thus, considering the objective, the undeniable expertise of the Château de Plaisance is based on the combination of absolute professionalism with a specific care in growing the vines throughout the year. Then, the grapes are pressed and conveyed to the tanks or vats for a slow fermentation. They remain here for a while depending on the type of vintage and we follow their development for a period going from 3 months to 2 years.

Sometimes, in order to remove suspended matters for a natural fining process, some racking is achieved yet respecting the cycle of the moon, that is to say respecting the fruit days. The same process is respected for the final step: bottling.

To guarantee a natural wine, doses of SO2 are the lowest possible. Even in small quantity, it enables the Château de Plaisance wines to be preserved and keep their full pleasant flavors

The Château de Plaisance is certified Qualité France (organic farming) and DEMETER (biodynamics).

Soils, vines and wines are cultivated in the pure tradition of biodynamics respecting the current regulations in order to offer high-quality products to our customers.